Monday, August 12, 2013

Meteor Showers and other stuff

I can't believe it is August and school is back in session!! I absolutely cannot believe that the fellas are in 2nd and 4th grades! And I am appalled that I haven't been able to record more of our summer on this blog but it was a whirlwind of fun and being together and being apart and growing for all of us!! From golf tournies, to Scout camps, to drop off hang times ("they are not playdates anymore, MOM!!) to being on a Mom trip to WA for 7 days (longer than I have been away in 9 years from kids, 13 years from David), spontaneous trips to AL, and a thrown together blast family trip to Pigeon Forge the weekend before school- it was a wonderful summer break! (will post pics later when I can)

However, I wanted to ponder something that I have no pics from due to the circumstances (too dark and didn't want flash to mess with our vision). Dax came home from school announcing this meteor shower that was supposed to happen sometime this weekend after midnight and could we please stay up to see it?!?!?!?!?! At first it sounded like a bit of a ploy to push back bedtime, but he pushed more; he really wanted it, and I was happy that he asked again and again and again in response to my "maybes".  (He usually gives up after one maybe, thinking negatively that we won't say yes)

So, I googled it -this Perseid meteor shower and they were guessing Sunday night around 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. would be a peak time for it.

Did I question watching a meteor shower on a school night? Yes.

Did I want to set an alarm and get up after midnight? No. I love stargazing but I love my bed more.

 Did I want to listen to my son and spend some quality time with him for something of interest to him? YES!!

So that is what we did. Woke up at 12:30; grabbed towels and went out to our driveway to lie and look at .....wait for it....CLOUDS!! Not just one here and one there, a blanket!! We talked about how the stars were so pretty through that "one little hole over there".  Dax said, " I wish God would move them just for a bit..." I encouraged him to ask God for it.  I silently prayed God would move for this young boy in this moment if it at all didn't interfere with His Will; just take His hands and move those clouds like we move bubbles in the bathtub; so Dax could see His glorious creation at work. I lay there thinking how ridiculous I was praying for this when there were so many other prayers I should be praying.  As the clouds loomed, we talked about how meteor showers are good ways to "practice your patience", how mosquitoes can be so annoying when they are buzzing in your ear, how the driveway is really hard, and how people have slept out under the sky for so long...and then we glanced out of the corner of our doubting eyes what we thought was a streak of light which moved our "Obliv" attentions back to the task at hand and we saw  CLEAR sky!! What?!?!?!?! We had been there about an hour when we saw the first definite one above us.  Dax said I should go wake Cole so I tried... to no avail. Upon my return he'd counted 5 and we saw 7 more, sharing quick "Ooh!"s  and exclamations with each one.  Thanking Him profusely, we decided the responsible thing to do was to head back to bed at 1:45a.m. It was a great moment!

(Yes! We slept through the morning alarm but Korwyn was faithful to wake us in time to speedily eat while consoling an irate Colton who had no recollection of grunting "NOOOOO" at me earlier in the morn and head out the door so we would not get a tardy on only our 3rd day of school.  Thanks Baby Girl!!)

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