Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

St. Patrick's Day when I was growing up consisted of being sure my obliviousness didn't cause me to be green-less and get pinched.  One that I remember quite well is the one I forgot.  After that, the first of March found me making a few Green paper pins or racking up on green stickers to carry with me for the next two weeks so when I forgot I was safe and I could also protect anyone who wanted protection as well.  :) Let's just say it wasn't my favorite day... right after April Fools. That one is a joke ! ;) (I know I need to leave the 'funny" to David)

Anyway, we received the Sumo of the Opera Veggie Tale video when boys were little and on it there is a short about the history of St. Patrick's Day.  I love it! It has totally morphed my view of the day and has set up mini celebration within our family.  Things I love about St. Patrick (and would love to emulate):

1) He was in slavery for 6 years; all the while praying over 100 times a day and night with very little head knowledge of God.  But continuous!

2) Upon freedom, he sought head and heart knowledge.

3) He took what he had learned back to a place of former personal discomfort to share with those same people.

4) He saw God in creation and pointed out God's own creation to others attempting to show His character and dynamism. (clover to show Trinity)

This year I did further research for Homeschool and discovered more about why 4 leaf clover is thought to be lucky.  I was surprised to find that this was before St. Pat made 3-leaf special in Ireland.  It was widely thought in England and France that Eve had carried a 4-leaf out of the Garden of Eden and that it was a piece of paradise, symbolic of Faith, Hope, Love, and God's Grace.  So people would search for these special clovers amongst the carpets of clover.

Today we didn't discuss leprechauns much, but we used Cole's trap from last year as a table decoration. Dax's from years ago was too detailed and large to keep but I have a photo.  From his trip to Savannah last week, David brought home light up shamrocks and a light up ring for K.  We had green milk and Lucky Charms for breakfast through Shamrock straws wearing our hats from 2011, discussed the aforementioned history, completed some St. Pat spelling with spelling 52 words out of "Saint Patrick's Day", studied some limericks, the saint himself, and did a little St. Pat Sudoku.  Sprite and green Goldfish were included for snack, and there will be a viewing of the Veggie video this evening.

 March 2011

Sweet girl!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Three years old has arrived!

The only input she would give us for the day was that she wanted big doughnuts (meaning glazed not powdered) for breakfast and Zaxby's  fries for lunch. There was no mulling over the cake decision - I asked; her instant reply was, "Cookie cake!"  She chose Bubble Guppies plates, cups, and napkins from the girl pirate, ballerina, and B.G. options I showed her on the website.  I added hats to the decor mix because of no available centerpiece and had NO clue how much fun they would have with them at breakfast - Dad's influence upped the enjoyment factor as always!  We ventured to the Cabbage Patch Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, GA and hit the Zaxby's there.  She surprised us all spending much time at the hairstyling center but once again confirmed how much she loves a good play kitchen! We watched the newest addition be born to the patch and get its first checkup through the nursery window. Because of her interest in all things Doc McStuffins, she was mesmerized with this.  The drive home was precious with brothers (mostly Dax) fetching "Baby Sister's" lost shoes.  After a nap at home, we went to the LEGO movie matinee, nabbed some curlers for "Baby Sis" at Walmart, and went home for presents, cake, and the Korwyn baby video.

3.14- Pi Day

Getting brave at the park! Watching a dog slide:) She loved it! We discussed circles and Pi and the reflection of himself that God has placed throughout math / science and how He has revealed it down through the ages from Egyptians, to Babylonians, to Romans, to Americans in circles having no beginning and no end as well as a decimal that has never ending digits.  We measured circles and spheres, including golf and tennis balls and the trampoline determining circumferences, and diameters, and Pi.  The pie was a chocolate with graham cracker crust and Andes mints mixed in anticipation of St. Patrick's Day as well.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Highlights from Sky Weeks

Straw plane, paper airplane launcher, Air as matter experiment (it held up water!)  We had some great trajectory throughout the house with planes landing on cabinetry and mantel as well as soaring over fans!