Friday, May 01, 2015

November 2014 - Cole turns 9!

Because Cubmobile was once again on the weekend around Cole's day and his birthday was actually on a schoolday we spread out the celebrating! The Friday before we went to see the OPENING of Big Hero 6 and took his friends Ethan Henry and Clay Whitmire and then Ethan stayed the night.  Saturday was Cubmobile; he went to Anthony's party on Sunday afternoon. Then on his actual birthday we opened some presents around breakfast that morning. He  had Capt. D's  and a chocolate popsicle at lunch which I didn't realize he liked, and a cookie cake with minimal frosting.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Miscellaneous Dax happenings Fall 2014- 5th grade

Dax won the Shining Star Award in  October for Integrity! He was very excited to have earned it due to the fact that his peers voted on it and it wasn't just based on teacher recommendation as in previous years.  As a parent, integrity is a HUGE thing to get noticed in your child especially by other children. So very happy for him!

He also participated in Safety Patrol which is a group of 5th graders who help with carline to assist kids getting out of cars and shutting doors during the morning dropoff line.  We had to get there EARLY and for the most part we did okay but we had a few mornings where we didn't quite make it before the line was officially moving. Oops!

And lastly I don't have any pictures of this really but he was chosen as an Ambassador. These kids are 4th and 5th graders chosen by administration based on an application process to represent the school when other professionals visit as well as give feedback on issues to the administration.  They had a visiting group of people come on the BYOT (bring your own technology) tour and they were interviewed. Mrs.  Hamilton,  the counselor, spoke very highly of the group and complimented them on their clarity of speech and manners.

Cubmobile 2014

The "Packard" and the Halo warthog entered the race this year!  Cole's Den won the 1st place trophy for design!  They were very happy and excited when painting, driving, and receiving the trophy!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Aubie Claus

We took the fellas to the Samford game and met up with Chris and C.  It was the first time the boys went to a Tiger Walk, and Dax got a Nick Marshall high five.

 They joined us the next day too  with A for a semi-cousin picture with Aubie Claus!  It was a fun spontaneous weekend, since Aubie announces his appearance only a week in advance!

David's Hike

While the kids were heading back to school, David went with Doug and Lex and hiked around "our mountain" (Rainier) on the Wonderland Trail .  I love seeing what hiking has become to him! He gets that gleam in his eye when he talks about hitting the woods again and I love it.  I hope that he and the boys (and Korwyn and I) can add many a wooded memory to our list of experiences in the future!

School Daze Begin

The fellas started 3rd and 5th this year in August! We had some family jump time before we headed out.  I missed them a lot but K and I had some great connection time while they were away playing with Strawberry Shortcake etc.  She started PreK3 in early September. I have all of them foam hearts (the boys were blue and orange) to carry in their pocket but I only took a picture of hers.  She loves school and her teacher and all her friends.