Thursday, July 02, 2015

Gibbs-Harlow wedding

 David and I had so much fun having dinners and discussing values with Mariel and Taylor leading up to their wedding on May 15, 2015. David instigated some laughter when they finally made it all the way across that gorgeous lawn to begin their vows.

Last Day of PRE K 3


The Saturday before Mother's Day, David surprised me by taking me to get kayak from Outside World!!  Cole was gone to a birthday party so David kept Korwyn and dropped Dax and I in the Etowah around 3:30 for his first kayak trip ever and for me to use my present!!! We had such a great time with great conversation and he loved it!!!

The following Saturday, David kept kiddos and I took my friend Amanda for a little time on the river.

Dax's 5th Grade Field Trip -Tennessee Aquarium and Chattanooga DUCKS

I put my name in the hat every year from Kindergarten to 4th to go on the field trip except 2011 when K was born. I NEVER was drawn.  This year I asked Dax if he wanted me to put my name in.  He said he really wanted me to at least try but was his logical, realistic, based-on-past experience self :) I was doubtful that I would get drawn too and the thought of him being gone to another state for 12 hours was a bit too much for me to think about too long. So....when I was drawn I was PUMPED!!! When I told him upon picking him up that I had gotten the confirmation email, his response was so happy it sent me over the moon!! I realize he may not want me around much longer but am reveling in it while it lasts! On the actual day, although my group had to stay with me, I tried to stay cool and not hover physically but my eyes were like tracking devices for all five of them the WHOLE time.  That being responsible for other's kids is not something I have ever taken lightly!!  It was a wonderful trip and we will laugh for years to come about the weird educational video during the "tiniest lunch ever" and the bus trouble that caused us to sit for hours on a hot bus during our return trip and be 3 hours late getting home.

 6 a.m. -my group waiting to board the bus

 standing with his butterfly "perch" out ; he was REALLY into it (can you tell?) cracks me up

 Aidan- the butterfly 'whisperer"

 driving the WWII amphibious landcraft

 Our tourguide was so funny!!

 Mrs. Crystal O'Shields - homeroom, Social Studies, Lit, and English
 Dr. Elizabeth Bickford- Math and Science

The moms had a LOT of fun! Amanda Hartin and Misty Rowland are here with me!

Respect Silver Comet

For April, Cole earned the "Respectful" award. His teacher also said she could have awarded him the "Proactive" award because he had been looking for things to do to serve both herself and his classmates.

Truthfulness Award

For April, Korwyn earned the Truthfulness award at school. She was so happy that Dad was there to see her receive her certificate at chapel!

Cole's Third Grade Store- Brick Wear

Cole's products for third grade store were Lego dog tags / key chains for the guys and rings and earrings for the girls. He chose to take 100% of the risk and not use dad and I as investors or take a loan out from us.  He used his savings money and made a 20% profit. He learned a lot from the exercise like your favorite product to make and sell (i.e. dogtag) usually requires more overhead but making other things like earrings can offset and turn more profit.  He also saw the benefit of saving up and taking all the risk rather than having to split profit in the end with shareholders.  He also had to work through the jealousy of the fact that other parents did all the work and supplied all the materials for some of his classmates.  He was finally able to communicate appreciation in the end and was able to articulate what he gained that was more valuable than cash from the experience.