Monday, January 26, 2015

Aubie Claus

We took the fellas to the Samford game and met up with Chris and C.  It was the first time the boys went to a Tiger Walk, and Dax got a Nick Marshall high five.

 They joined us the next day too  with A for a semi-cousin picture with Aubie Claus!  It was a fun spontaneous weekend, since Aubie announces his appearance only a week in advance!

David's Hike

While the kids were heading back to school, David went with Doug and Lex and hiked around "our mountain" (Rainier) on the Wonderland Trail .  I love seeing what hiking has become to him! He gets that gleam in his eye when he talks about hitting the woods again and I love it.  I hope that he and the boys (and Korwyn and I) can add many a wooded memory to our list of experiences in the future!

School Daze Begin

The fellas started 3rd and 5th this year in August! We had some family jump time before we headed out.  I missed them a lot but K and I had some great connection time while they were away playing with Strawberry Shortcake etc.  She started PreK3 in early September. I have all of them foam hearts (the boys were blue and orange) to carry in their pocket but I only took a picture of hers.  She loves school and her teacher and all her friends.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Building On Each Other

One of my favorite experiences in my parenting journey so far. (surprisingly)

A record of our experience valuing God's Purpose, each other, people, and character this summer through laughter and excellence.  And this is me sharing some authentic thoughts:

This is the behind the scenes view; if you would like to see the stage and fun go to: http:/

(Special thanks goes to Nolan Roth for donating a huge tub of Legos to use at meetings, the Lego Store, and Harris Family Dentistry for donations, Gracemont Assisted Living activity directors for allowing its participation.)

This was not something I really wanted to do.  When Cole dreams, he dreams BIG!! From the time this dream began out loud, I knew it would take a gift of hospitality and I wouldn't call that one of my born gifts. Plus as a Cub Scout mom of two scouts I was "hospitalitied-out".  

I do value my creative boys though and as Cole continued to dream and his brother valued him by listening to his dreams and investing his own thoughts, I could not deny the growth that was occurring in them despite the fact that I kind of wanted to avoid the growth that it would require in me.

I do not have pictures of what I want so desperately to remember (unfortunately going to have to depend on my brain for that).  This took so much work and they worked hard! It took time and they sacrificed that! From cleaning the house to prepare to host, researching ideas and themes, building and rebuilding in consideration of others, preparing their tailgate dish of pepperoni and cheese skewers, setting up and tearing down, cleaning up after it was over, taking donations to their drop-off locations, and interacting with the new people there.  It asked them to give up a significant amount of their summer, to be stretched in new situations, and to lead though they are young.   

Moments without the camera or working too hard to snap:
1) When we went back to Gracemont to pick up the Lego Flag.  The ladies sitting out on the porch were smiling so much and sharing memories of when their own children were building things and how they wished they had saved some.  They thanked us, stating how they would all come by the table where it was to see it and share memories with each other while there, and asked if we would bring it back next year.  I hope to always remember their faces and the faces of the boys and how astonishingly proud Cole was that they had liked the card and enjoyed the flag during the week.

2) The boys sweeping the garage each time, arranging and rearranging activities to be just right. 

3) Sorting backpacks with the fellas and Brinleigh and Ashlyn Hartin at Dawson Middle with many other volunteers when we dropped off our donations.

4) How much they considered one another in the process and how they would specifically think of the younger kiddos in planning.  They would come up with something exciting for them and then realize that may be too hard and then scale it back or come up with an alternative. 

5) What some of the other parents shared about the lessons their own kids learned.  Rediscovering a love of legos to get away from electronics for  a bit.  Realizing they could build with imagination and no instructions. Gaining confidence to move away from mom and play. Working hard to achieve something to share. Gaining insight from others' ideas. Bringing joy to those in need. How much more we can do together.

God definitely brought more to the table than I could have ever asked or imagined. He does that! See Ephesians 3:20-21

was so thankful to have camera for these two pics of them helping two boys we all adore

(Yes, Korwyn was more of a liability than asset in this endeavor, but we made sure none of her's made it on the tray.)

Mom Lessons (so many -top 5)
5) If my kids want to, chances are there are more who would want to as well.  I doubted how well this would turn out...
4) The best things are sometimes the hardest (repeat learning)
3) Pepperoni and cheese on toothpicks ROCK!
2) My house does not have to be spotless and wonderfully decorated for me to invest in people (just needs a germ-less bathroom:). 
        a) they may not notice all the imperfections I do 
        b)if they do, they can go home and feel better about their own house.
1) My kids have great hearts! Yes, they should be able to build on what I do BUT I can build on what they do too.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

K's music box - learning about reward for effort and delayed gratification

K and I were at Wal-Mart buying the rest of her school supplies and some groceries.  We were looking for a little ($1) something since she had been so helpful in the store.  She has been know to sing "I wanna go home" over and over loudly as we go through the grocery ritual, but not this particular day:)  We were looking in the jewelry for a bracelet or something and she had her first experience with a jewelry music box.  She loves boxes (has several rubbermaids that she has picked out, loves her pencil box, and has kept many a cardboard toothpaste, spaghetti, and bandaid box and slept with them until they were in shreds;)!  So she saw the Hello Kitty box and opened it...she heard music...shut it quickly in surprise and looked at me with eyes wide!  I reassured her that it was supposed to do that.  Then she reopened it and just sat down cradled it in her lap and watching and listening with wonder.  (May I interject how different are a girl's and a boy's reaction to something amazing?!?!?!)  She of coarse asked for it, and I told her it could be for Christmas and her birthday!  She relinquished  and we found a bracelet/necklace combo for her prize.  She couldn't stop talking about the box that sang on the way home and while we lunched etc.  I told David and he questioned why I didn't just buy it and then led me to see if she would "earn" it by doing something at home.  She was very interested in helping me clean her room and followed all directions to sort things and put things away. 

 Then we went back to Wal-Mart after nap for her purchase. 

This is her proud face after earning and leading me from the door to the location of the singing box.

Did I have $10 to buy her something she truly wanted? Yes.  Did I want her to have it so badly after watching her reaction? Absolutely!! Did I want to create an expectation that we would get $10 stuff with every store trip? No.  Am I so thankful that I have a husband that realizes and leads me to see teachable moments in life that have big impact? Most definitely YES!  Does her music box mean more to her a week later because she worked for it? Yes! Does her music box mean more to me when I hear her tell the people she shows (i.e. bros) "I worked hard for my music box"? Affirmative! Did God show me some of His Heart through this? Amazingly...

I heard Him in my husbands voiced desire of a Father to give his daughter something she wanted and to share her happiness! I felt Him in my own desire to mesmerize my child.  I saw His Hand in the development of her character to be productive, to grow, and to try.

"Give her the reward she has earned, let her works be praised at the city gate." -Proverbs 31:31

Proverbs 12:14

Best Golf Tournie so far!!!! So much Teamwork!!!

One of my favorite days on the golf course! It was the first time that Dax and Cole have ever played in the same foursome. So we all got to be together and that is main thing!  The picture of K imitating the fellas with her fingernail file block was perfectly spontaneous - I had lined camera up on the brothers and she just stepped into shot when she got out of the cart!  I adore the picture of Dax praising Cole on the last hole and Cole's awesome expression! The memory I treasure most did not happen on the course but in the car and at home afterwards- the boys were rehashing all 9 holes and talked about how each team member made specific "clutch" shots to pull their team out of sticky situations. Dax talked about Cole's and Cole talked about Dax's- not their own!! Pondering it up!