Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Backpacking Appalachian Trail

David took me to the section of the trail between the Nantahala Outdoor Center and Wesser Bald in North Carolina.  We started at the NOC and hiked 4 miles in to the "jump-up" for lunch.  We continued for almost 3 miles up to the bald and set up camp for the night. Along the way David filtered water out of the creek and replenished our supply for the evening. We spent the afternoon looking off the observation tower, watching the butterflies dance, birds soar, talking, and just sitting beside each other in the quiet.  Every now and then other hikers would show up and we'd discuss the beauty while a few shared wisdom from their hiking adventures and experiences. David cooked me a dinner of teryaki chicken with mushrooms, peas, shoots, and rice with the Jet Boil and we had a sunset dinner atop the tower.  Just before sundown some river guides came up to watch the sun set as well. (They took a shorter one mile hike up to the tower)  They were all in their early 20s celebrating finishing up training for the summer season and were from Texas, Georgia, Florida, and Michigan. (It is so humorous to me how God intersects us with that generation even when we are 7 miles into nowhere.) We spent a couple hours listening to them share stories, David asking a few questions, and then we headed down to the tent.  They stayed for about another hour and left out about 11:30.  Awaken at 5:30, we watched the sunrise with four other photographers of the morning.  For breakfast, my personal chef used his Jet Boil to create breakfast burritos. We packed up and hit the trail just before 8.  Stopping back at the creek we refilled the water for our descent to the NOC.   We lunched at the restaurant and walked around watching the kayak coarse and checking out the rest of the NOC before sitting in the truck for the drive home.  As we traveled we found a cute woodworking shop where we stopped and purchased a little bench to support my clematis vine.  Memaw and Pepaw kept the kiddos for us and we got to visit with them for a few minutes before they had to leave to head home.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First Disney Trip - Jedi Training Academy

David and I took turns standing with Korwyn and riding Star Tours first thing after we had signed up for  a Jedi Training Academy time slot.  I had read that they had changed some things and made it less intense and while we awaited the boys and other parent to finish the ride we were able to see it first hand. We weren't sure how the boys would like it because it was somewhat cheesy in places.  Darth Vader fought the trainees one on one while a Jedi gave them pointers.   When the boys' time slot came around, they had two groups instead of one and we were surprised that Darth Maul came out to help Vader with the older ones. He definitely upped the intensity and the excitement with those contacts!!  They loved it and listened well to their Jedi saber routines before each taking on the Dark Side and finally "forcing" it to exit and receiving JTA diplomas.

First Disney Trip - Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Weekend

We were on one of the first shuttles out Friday morning headed to the park! Amazed by the Star Tours ride, an awesome car stunt show with Lightening McQueen, and some one-on- ones with Sophia, we weren't even halfway through the day! We lunched at Pizza Planet and Korwyn did her Buzz Lightyear imitation and then headed off for some more excitement at with the Muppets, a Honey I Shrunk the Kids playplace, to see the Mouse himself, and experience the Toy Story ride!  Korwyn was in awe at the Disney Jr. Live Show and we saw Minnie Leia at least 5 times and every time K tried so hard to show her pink Magic Band. We finally got Minnie's attention on the last trip by us for a wave and a clap for the Magic Band. She showed it to Sophia and the commentator of the Disney Jr. show as well.